Mold Removal and Cleanup Tips and Techniques

Are you facing mold problems? A major mold growth and infestation can ruin and damage your home. More than that, exposure to molds can also ruin your health. Almost every home gets affected by molds. If you are facing major mold problems, All Dry USA, an Illinois property restoration service, says you can try and follow some mold removal and cleanup tips and techniques like:

  • Deal with the cause of moisture.

Before you clean those molds away, deal with the cause of moisture first. Know where the moisture is coming from and determine the extent of the problem. The common causes of mold growth include mold spores, organic matter such as food, paper, dust, and starch, moisture from high temperature and humidity, and stagnant air.

  • Fix broken pipes and gutters that cause leaks.

As soon as possible, fix the problems of plumbing leaks and broken pipes, as well as damaged gutters and roofs. If you find it difficult to fix the problems, do not hesitate to hire an expert. Your home is probably the most expensive investment you can have. Prioritizing the essential repairs is a must to prevent molds from infesting the area and affecting your health.

  • Scrub molds from the surface with soap and water.

Soap and water are effective in cleaning and removing molds from the surface. Once you have fixed the problems and repaired the damaged parts that cause leaks and moisture, washing molds away with detergent soap and water will stop them from growing. The experts also recommend the use of chlorine and vinegar to disinfect the area and kill molds. When you choose to personally do the cleaning and scrubbing, the experts always recommend wearing gloves and face mask.

  • Remove and get rid of carpets and tiles totally infested with molds.

Ceiling tiles, carpets, soft wood, and fabrics are absorbent materials. Molds can easily fill the crevices and the empty spaces of the fabrics which make it difficult to remove them. It is best to get rid of the items completely when this happens to prevent the molds from infesting the entire area and cause severe or extreme effects to the whole space.

  • Dry the entire surfaces inside and out.

Drying the surface after washing it off with soap and water is required. There are options for drying such as air dry, fan blowing, and sunlight exposure. It may take a while before the entire area gets dry and free of moisture and molds.

  • Consult the expert.

If you are not sure about what to do to remove molds and clean up the areas, it is best to consult the expert. If you discover that molds are already in large portions, you should call and consult a mycologist to determine whether the molds are toxic and harmful or not. If you value your property and you don’t want molds, mildew, and fungi to ruin any part of the property, investing on its maintenance or on mold removal and cleanup is a wise move for a better and improved home. Always prioritize your family’s safety and security before you take action on mold removal.

5 Interesting Facts about Home Gardening

Do you have a small garden or yard at home that you want to start cultivating? Small gardens and backyards do not really have to be plain and boring because you can do a lot of things to turn the space interesting and attractive. Moreover, you also do not have to spend a fortune to improve your gardens. There are plenty of ways to make any gardens fantastic and eye-catching. Learn these interesting facts about home gardening and take advantage of the benefits of having your own home garden:

  • Beautiful gardens can improve a home.

Gorgeous and pretty, planting flowers, plants, and trees can make the garden brighter and full of life. The internet provides great garden tips and ideas that will help you beautify your garden. On the other hand, there are experts who can help you carry out the design you want for your garden. For a beautiful garden, you can play with colors, shapes, sizes, and texture using different materials as pots and accessories.

  • Talking to plants helps their growth.

Plants respond to sounds and vibrations like music, sweet voices, and pleasant talking. They grow healthier and they are encouraged to bloom beautifully when you talk to plants. There have been studies conducted to prove that plants do really respond to voices and sounds, and although this theory remains a speculation until now, many horticulturists say that the growth of plants is affected by the sound waves.

  • Weeds are more attractive to many butterflies.

People are attracted to the colorful and beautiful blooms. But to the many butterflies, weeds are more attractive. This is because weeds, like Dandelions, Clovers, and the like, are more fragrant to butterflies. In addition, butterflies lost desire on hybrid scentless flowers even if they are large in sizes and rich in colors.

  • Roses are not the only favorite item that belongs to Rosaceae.

Rosaceae is the family of Roses, and it includes your favorite fruits as well. Apples, peaches, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and other berries belong to the Rose family. Rosaceae is divided into 4 types: Amygdaloideae or stone fruits, Malodeae or apples and similar genus, Rosoideae or agrimony (berries), and Spiraeoideae.

  • Colors of flowers can be altered.

Depending on the alkaline level or acidity level of soil, you can change the color of Hydrangea blooms in your garden. If you want the white and pink blooms to be pinker, all you need to do is to put more alkaline into the soil. If you want the blue blooms to be bluer, you will need to add more acid to the soil. However, the change in color does not happen overnight. It takes a few days or weeks before the color changes.

More than a home improvement and yard beautification, gardening is such a wonderful and fun activity. Learning about these interesting facts makes home gardening more enjoyable. There are more surprises and secrets that you are about to find as you grow your own garden, enjoy the blooms, harvest your produce, and watch your plants and flowers interact with other living creatures essential to their growth.

Metal Roof Coating – Increase the Longevity of Your Roof!

How to Make Your Metal Roof Last Longer with a Coating

Metal roofs are not only durable and long-lasting: unlike the ‘memorable’ rusty barn roofs, modern metal roofing offers its customers a wide range of colors, coatings and finishes that not only make the roof stylish, but also increase its resistance and longevity.

What is metal roofing coating and how exactly can it enhance the protection of your metal roof?

Polaris Roofing Systems of Arizona states that, modern metal roofing installations are much more durable than old tin or iron roofs. The galvanization process of stainless steel roofs is already already protecting the metal against rust, corrosion and other harmful processes induced by the weather and the environment.

The coating, however, adds an extra layer of protection to the roof surface, making it almost invulnerable for many years to come. Nowadays, most metal roofs are coated with acrylic polymers. These substances are sprayed onto the roof surface for two main reasons: to repair a roof that presents signs of corrosion/leakages or to extend the life of a roof in good shape. This practice is especially popular among business owners who cannot afford repairing or replacing their roofs each time they observe signs of damage. That’s why a quality coating is considered almost as good as a new roof – after all, it adds a strong protective layer – the acrylic membrane – on top of the existing roof.

The Role of Metal Roof Coating

So this is – basically – the role of metal roof coatings: they considerable delay the ‘aging’ process of metal roofs, preventing and repairing oxidation, corrosion and leaks that inevitably occur even to the most durable roofs, especially at the seams.

This way, metal roof coatings take the already-strong and long-lasting steel and aluminum to new levels of durability and functionality. A good coating equals a longer life for your roof!

Still, the benefits of metal roofing coating do not end here. Being light colored, most coatings can also improve the energy-efficiency of metal roofs. With such a coating, about 80% of the solar heat is reflected back to the atmosphere, decreasing dramatically the temperature of the roof and the house. White metal roof coatings are Energy Star rated. Have questions about metal roofing services in Arizona? Contact the pro roofers at Polaris!

Metal roof coating – the process:

First, you have to be aware that it’s not possible to spray or apply the coating over a wet, rusty or leaking roof. The metal must be cleaned with a pressure washer to eliminate dirt and rust. After allowing the surface to dry, an anti-oxidation formula will be applied to vulnerable spots. The screws should be tightened and all loose panels fastened in place. The seams are treated with a base coat and a special sealant, and only after this preparation process the coating will be applied on the entire surface of the roof. When dried, the coating will create an impenetrable membrane that will protect the metal from leakages, rust and even fire. It will also make the roof look like new!

Even if the coating process requires some time and money, it’s still far more advantageous and much faster that tearing off an old roof and replacing it with a new one.

Types of metal roof coatings:

Many metal roofing contractors also offer their customers coating services. Aside from the popular Kynar 500, you will encounter ceramic coatings, nanotechnology solar reflective coatings, elastomeric coatings, fiberglass coatings and water-based asphalt emulsions. Discuss with your contractor which is the most appropriate type of coating for your roof in terms of cost, benefits and suitability for a certain roofing material. Specialists agree that roofs coated with Kynar don’t require maintenance at all, allowing you to enjoy the increased protection offered by your metal roofing for at least 50 years.

Best types of Metal Roofing for your Home

Types of Metal Roofs T0 Consider

There are different types of roofing solutions that our featured company, Gotcha Covered Contracting can install for homeowners in Texas. Mainly the roofs that are used for residential places are as follows:

  • Asphalt Roofing – They are durable and inexpensive and are used for home. But they are very heavy and absorb a lot of heat. Which is undesirable.
  • Fake Slate Roofing -They are durable but expensive and requires expertise to install. They are fragile as ceramic is not break proof. So, it is not ideal for long term durability. And is not a wise chose for investing in roofs.
  • Metal Roofing – They are much better and efficient when it comes to installing roofing. They are economic as well. Metal roofs can be used in severe weathered areas. This makes them a best choice when it comes to roofing for residential places.

The problem with Asphalt and Fake Slate Roofing is their weight. When it comes to roofing, the lighter they are in weight the better. Metal Roofing use thin gauged metal which is light in weight (nearly half the weight of asphalt roofing) and much more long lasting. On an average, a metal roofing lasts for more than 50 years. A copper roofing or a zinc roofing lasts much longer than that.

Installing metal roofing materials are a better investment than any other roofing because of their light weight, non- reactive nature. Metals reflect sunlight which keeps a house cool in places where summers are especially severe. Be sure to Hire the Best Roofing Company in Colleyville, TX when you need a replacement.

Thing to remember: When it comes to metals, higher gauge means thinner roofing shingles. For example: gauge 28 is thinner than gauge 25. It is recommended to use gauge 26 but in severe weather areas, gauge 25 or 24 is better.

Types of metal roofs for your home

  1. Aluminum:- It is the best choice of any kind of metal roofing for a residential buildings. Like shake, shingles, seam, tile etc. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and non reactive. It has been used for years. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive as compared to steel. But it is a worthy investment for a long term durability.
  2. Galvaulme steel:- Galvaulme is an alloy made by mixing aluminum and zinc. It has the strengths of both the metals. It is also light weight like aluminum, durable and non reactive to nature. It is more resistant to corrosion. Although it’s resistant to corrosion, it’s ‘tension bend staining ‘ makes it less ideal for other roofings. So, it is usually used in standing seams.
  3. Galvanized steel:- It is strong alloy that can be used in extreme places. It is inexpensive and comes in almost any look desired for residential building. It can rust because is it rust prone. So, it is not ideal in humid places.
  4. Copper:- Copper roof or rarely used as it is more reactive. But it’s reactive nature creates a green tint on the roofs. Which is a desirable quality . It is very expensive but durable. It is not very light weight either. So, it is not preferred much.

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Why Roof Inspections Are Important?

Many of the homeowners will always be scrutinizing their home during their walks to the rooms and in the yard. But one important place that they neglect to check out is the roof. It is mainly due to the difficulty in accessing the roof. But, as a homeowner, you should understand that the roof also needs an inspection from time to time in order to avoid an expensive house repair like the replacement or fixing the roof. As there is a lot of money involved in changing the roof, it can be said that the inspection of the roof is an investment that every homeowner will be making.

The Need for Roof Inspection

roof inspection cracks

The main reason why roof inspection has to be carried out is to determine if there are any problems with the roof. Addressing the small problems at the beginning will help you to save a lot of money or else you would have to shell out a lot of your savings to replace the roof. It is very important to hire a professional roof inspector to carry out roof inspections once or twice every year. They will look at the roof angle, the time it takes for water to evaporate from the roof and also check out if the roof has certain cracks or damages. Any small issue can be easily sorted out to increase the lifespan of the roof. An experienced and certified roof inspector will check out and assess every inch of the roof including the shingles.

The most common issues with roofs include:

  1. Broken or loose or missing roofing material.
  2. Water pooling due to depressions near the vent pipes or clogged drains.
  3. Loose shingles.
  4. Block in the rain gutters from shingle granules.
  5. Damage or dents to the gutters.
  6. Deformations in the roof structure.
  7. Hiring the roof contractors

Here are a few more reasons why roof inspections are so important.

If you spot a small leak or dark spots on the roof, then it is important for you to call a roof expert to carry out the roof inspection. If you come to know that the roof needs serious repair or replacement, then it is recommended that you hire the best roofing contractor to work on your roof. The internet is the best place to find out the roofing expert in your area.

Carry out a thorough search online to find out the various services available and research on them to narrow down your search to 3 to 4 best roofing experts.

You should shortlist at least three to four popular roofing contractors in your area and get quotes from them.

Do a thorough comparative study of these quotes and compare them for the materials used and the labor costs for carrying out the repair of the roof.
Take a look at the customer ratings and the reviews about the shortlisted roofing contractors on roof repairing forums and other websites.

Please talk to one or two of the previous customers of the contractors to get first-hand information about their work and the costs incurred for the repair job.

By following the above steps, you can be sure of hiring the best roof contractor to carry out repair jobs on your roof.


Why Finding The Best Exterior Painting Service Is Important

home exterior painting services

So now that you have completed the new kitchen remodel, it’s time to start working on the exterior of your home. Painting the outer areas of the buildings or homes require extreme care and perfection as the exterior of the building creates the first impression on people visiting the building. The exterior painting job needs to be done in a professional manner to make it perfect and to avoid any flaws and chaos while doing the job.

There are various processes involved in the job like selecting the colors, texture, techniques, and budgeting. It is necessary to select the paint materials which are suitable for the particular areas depending on the rainfall, humidity, etc. Apart from just painting the walls, the exterior painting services will offer proper waterproofing solutions so that the coating will last for years.

Getting expert painting advice

painting old window frames

Every homeowner will have their own ideas about the exterior look of their building. But, they may not know how to achieve it easily and efficiently. In such cases, an exterior painting service will be of great help as they will be able to give expert advice on the selecting the right colors, painting, and texturing products and the techniques to be used.

The experts from these services are ready to understand your painting needs and evaluate the present condition of the building and suggest the right products according to the style you need and your budget for the painting work.

Make sure they’re using the right tools

The exterior painting services will have the right tools to do the painting job efficiently. Painting tall buildings and roofs require special equipment and texturing and theme painting will require special tools to make the process easier. You can expect service of high quality when you opt for the professional services with trained people and the mechanized tools to do the job. You can ensure speedy completion of the painting process when you have the right tools and experienced supervisors and other personnel to do the job.

Getting superior finish

Walls, which do not have proper finishing can, spoil the look of the building. It is necessary for the painting services, follow the right painting procedures and to use guaranteed products to get the superior quality finish. There are services which offer a warranty on painting services provided by them or they will use warranted products for the painting work. Getting the good finish depends on evaluating the condition of building surfaces and selecting the right products and following the right practices to achieve the best result. Be sure to choose a trusted home improvement contractor for all your restoration needs.

On-time project completion

Any commercial or residential building cannot have its functions and activities disrupted for a longer duration. Hence, it is important for the people inside the building to get the painting job done with minimal interruption to their work and life. Professional painting services will be able to finish the painting work within the fixed time frame as they have the manpower and tools to finish the job faster.

You don’t have to worry about poor workmanship or any damages to your property when performing the exterior painting when you opt for the best professionals. You don’t also have to worry about the after painting, cleanup when the professionals are there to take care of all your painting related tasks.

Is It The Right Time For Kitchen Remodeling?

kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. The homeowners do not give that much of importance to the kitchen like they give importance to the living rooms or bedrooms or even the outdoor deck areas. There are many homeowners who look to remodel their kitchen because it has an outdated look, worn out cabinets and damaged countertops. But, whenever you think of kitchen remodeling, you need to think beyond just the cosmetic part and think of other factors that you need to take into consideration when you think of getting the kitchen remodeled.

The space in the kitchen

Are you not satisfied with the amount of countertop space you have? Do you find that your floor space or cabinet space is very small? If you are facing issues in your kitchen and do not find it to be spacious enough than before, then it is time you remodel the kitchen to suit your space needs. The useful workspace might be taken away by the wrong positioning of the refrigerator or the counter shape. The best way to improve your working space in the kitchen is to have a total of 158 inches of frontage for the countertop and 24-inch depth with 15-inch clearance above. If you need an addition or want to expand your kitchen be sure to hire a general contractor that utilizes a great roofing company like Elite Remodeling Services out of St Augustine, Florida.

Updating your appliances

If you have old appliances in your kitchen, then it will eat a lot of your kitchen time as well as increase your energy bills. The best way to save your time, money and effort is to throw away the old appliances and get the modern day kitchen appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. They are made with energy conservation ratings and therefore you will not need to spend huge amounts on energy bills when you use them. A dishwasher with low-energy ratings will consume lower energy and also use less amount of water.

kitchen remodling

How many people use the kitchen?

If there is more than one cook in your home, then you will need to provide working space for two people in the kitchen. This is very important if both the cooks will be using the kitchen at the same time. The efficiency of their work will be greatly reduced if the kitchen space is very less and they so not have enough space to move around. The latest kitchen concept is an open kitchen that will offer better interaction with people working in the kitchen and those in the other rooms. The working area must be at least 48 inches wide to accommodate multiple cooks. If you have small children making use of the kitchen, then you should design the kitchen in such a way that it is not hazardous for the children says Arielle Settel hair stylist in Delray Beach, FL.

Before you start to remodel your kitchen, you should make a checklist of the major and the minor issues in your kitchen. You should have in mind the things that you like in the present kitchen and what you want to change from the present set up. This will help you a great deal when you sit with the kitchen remodeling expert and discuss the remodeling plans.


Tips On Affordable New Home Construction

new home construction tips

The real estate market is slowly getting back to its normalcy now. If you have any plans of building a new home, then this is the right time to do so as the real estate prices are going to boom in the near future. It is better to invest in a new home construction than buying a pre-existing house. If you feel that building a new home will be more expensive than buying a pre-owned home, then you needs to do it the right way in order to save your money. The following are some of the tips to follow that will help you to build an affordable new home.

Tips for Building a New Home

Location, Location, Location

There is a misconception among people that looking for a lot to build a new home will be much cheaper than buying a place in the new development area. The building lot area might be flooded with a lot of trees, rocks and also might have drainage issues that you need to take care of before thinking of a new construction. In the end, the lot might turn out to be a money eater than the space in a developed area. Before you buy a lot, make sure that it can be easily cleared by the builder and will offer all the facilities to work.

Get multiple estimates first

get multiple estimates

As you are looking to build a dream home, you will get carried out with a lot of things. You would be looking to have plenty of add-ons in the home like a home office, extra bedroom, exercise room, studio, home theater room, etc. But, bear in mind that all these little additions can overshoot your budget the alarming proportions. It is better off to keep your plans in the cold room if you do not have enough money to spend on the new home. Ensure that all basic necessities are taken care of in the new building plan and only think of adding extra options to the plan if you have some more money to spare. You’ll want to find the best roofing contractors in your area.

Traditional home styles

You might be lured with plenty of home designs by the building designers or building contractors. You need to always be aware of the budget that you have in hand and never look to choose a complicated house construction. It can make the construction costs to skyrocket. You should understand that simple and traditional house style is the best option and is also quite affordable.

Use your money wisely

There are a few elements in your home that would be permanent and some of them can be upgraded at any time. You need to understand that the roof or brickwork or other construction materials cannot be changed whenever you want to as it would cost huge amounts of money. Hence, you should make sure that you invest your hard-earned money in buying solid and high-quality construction materials to ensure the longevity of the new home. We recommend you install the best synthetic slate roofing product made by Brava Roof Tile. Other accessories like furniture, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, etc., can be changed or replaced in the due course of time, according to the availability of money.