Best types of Metal Roofing for your Home

Types of Metal Roofs T0 Consider

There are different types of roofing solutions that our featured company, Gotcha Covered Contracting can install for homeowners in Texas. Mainly the roofs that are used for residential places are as follows:

  • Asphalt Roofing – They are durable and inexpensive and are used for home. But they are very heavy and absorb a lot of heat. Which is undesirable.
  • Fake Slate Roofing -They are durable but expensive and requires expertise to install. They are fragile as ceramic is not break proof. So, it is not ideal for long term durability. And is not a wise chose for investing in roofs.
  • Metal Roofing – They are much better and efficient when it comes to installing roofing. They are economic as well. Metal roofs can be used in severe weathered areas. This makes them a best choice when it comes to roofing for residential places.

The problem with Asphalt and Fake Slate Roofing is their weight. When it comes to roofing, the lighter they are in weight the better. Metal Roofing use thin gauged metal which is light in weight (nearly half the weight of asphalt roofing) and much more long lasting. On an average, a metal roofing lasts for more than 50 years. A copper roofing or a zinc roofing lasts much longer than that.

Installing metal roofing materials are a better investment than any other roofing because of their light weight, non- reactive nature. Metals reflect sunlight which keeps a house cool in places where summers are especially severe. Be sure to Hire the Best Roofing Company in Colleyville, TX when you need a replacement.

Thing to remember: When it comes to metals, higher gauge means thinner roofing shingles. For example: gauge 28 is thinner than gauge 25. It is recommended to use gauge 26 but in severe weather areas, gauge 25 or 24 is better.

Types of metal roofs for your home

  1. Aluminum:- It is the best choice of any kind of metal roofing for a residential buildings. Like shake, shingles, seam, tile etc. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and non reactive. It has been used for years. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive as compared to steel. But it is a worthy investment for a long term durability.
  2. Galvaulme steel:- Galvaulme is an alloy made by mixing aluminum and zinc. It has the strengths of both the metals. It is also light weight like aluminum, durable and non reactive to nature. It is more resistant to corrosion. Although it’s resistant to corrosion, it’s ‘tension bend staining ‘ makes it less ideal for other roofings. So, it is usually used in standing seams.
  3. Galvanized steel:- It is strong alloy that can be used in extreme places. It is inexpensive and comes in almost any look desired for residential building. It can rust because is it rust prone. So, it is not ideal in humid places.
  4. Copper:- Copper roof or rarely used as it is more reactive. But it’s reactive nature creates a green tint on the roofs. Which is a desirable quality . It is very expensive but durable. It is not very light weight either. So, it is not preferred much.

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