Metal Roof Coating – Increase the Longevity of Your Roof!

How to Make Your Metal Roof Last Longer with a Coating

Metal roofs are not only durable and long-lasting: unlike the ‘memorable’ rusty barn roofs, modern metal roofing offers its customers a wide range of colors, coatings and finishes that not only make the roof stylish, but also increase its resistance and longevity.

What is metal roofing coating and how exactly can it enhance the protection of your metal roof?

Polaris Roofing Systems of Arizona states that, modern metal roofing installations are much more durable than old tin or iron roofs. The galvanization process of stainless steel roofs is already already protecting the metal against rust, corrosion and other harmful processes induced by the weather and the environment.

The coating, however, adds an extra layer of protection to the roof surface, making it almost invulnerable for many years to come. Nowadays, most metal roofs are coated with acrylic polymers. These substances are sprayed onto the roof surface for two main reasons: to repair a roof that presents signs of corrosion/leakages or to extend the life of a roof in good shape. This practice is especially popular among business owners who cannot afford repairing or replacing their roofs each time they observe signs of damage. That’s why a quality coating is considered almost as good as a new roof – after all, it adds a strong protective layer – the acrylic membrane – on top of the existing roof.

The Role of Metal Roof Coating

So this is – basically – the role of metal roof coatings: they considerable delay the ‘aging’ process of metal roofs, preventing and repairing oxidation, corrosion and leaks that inevitably occur even to the most durable roofs, especially at the seams.

This way, metal roof coatings take the already-strong and long-lasting steel and aluminum to new levels of durability and functionality. A good coating equals a longer life for your roof!

Still, the benefits of metal roofing coating do not end here. Being light colored, most coatings can also improve the energy-efficiency of metal roofs. With such a coating, about 80% of the solar heat is reflected back to the atmosphere, decreasing dramatically the temperature of the roof and the house. White metal roof coatings are Energy Star rated. Have questions about metal roofing services in Arizona? Contact the pro roofers at Polaris!

Metal roof coating – the process:

First, you have to be aware that it’s not possible to spray or apply the coating over a wet, rusty or leaking roof. The metal must be cleaned with a pressure washer to eliminate dirt and rust. After allowing the surface to dry, an anti-oxidation formula will be applied to vulnerable spots. The screws should be tightened and all loose panels fastened in place. The seams are treated with a base coat and a special sealant, and only after this preparation process the coating will be applied on the entire surface of the roof. When dried, the coating will create an impenetrable membrane that will protect the metal from leakages, rust and even fire. It will also make the roof look like new!

Even if the coating process requires some time and money, it’s still far more advantageous and much faster that tearing off an old roof and replacing it with a new one.

Types of metal roof coatings:

Many metal roofing contractors also offer their customers coating services. Aside from the popular Kynar 500, you will encounter ceramic coatings, nanotechnology solar reflective coatings, elastomeric coatings, fiberglass coatings and water-based asphalt emulsions. Discuss with your contractor which is the most appropriate type of coating for your roof in terms of cost, benefits and suitability for a certain roofing material. Specialists agree that roofs coated with Kynar don’t require maintenance at all, allowing you to enjoy the increased protection offered by your metal roofing for at least 50 years.