5 Interesting Facts about Home Gardening

Do you have a small garden or yard at home that you want to start cultivating? Small gardens and backyards do not really have to be plain and boring because you can do a lot of things to turn the space interesting and attractive. Moreover, you also do not have to spend a fortune to improve your gardens. There are plenty of ways to make any gardens fantastic and eye-catching. Learn these interesting facts about home gardening and take advantage of the benefits of having your own home garden:

  • Beautiful gardens can improve a home.

Gorgeous and pretty, planting flowers, plants, and trees can make the garden brighter and full of life. The internet provides great garden tips and ideas that will help you beautify your garden. On the other hand, there are experts who can help you carry out the design you want for your garden. For a beautiful garden, you can play with colors, shapes, sizes, and texture using different materials as pots and accessories.

  • Talking to plants helps their growth.

Plants respond to sounds and vibrations like music, sweet voices, and pleasant talking. They grow healthier and they are encouraged to bloom beautifully when you talk to plants. There have been studies conducted to prove that plants do really respond to voices and sounds, and although this theory remains a speculation until now, many horticulturists say that the growth of plants is affected by the sound waves.

  • Weeds are more attractive to many butterflies.

People are attracted to the colorful and beautiful blooms. But to the many butterflies, weeds are more attractive. This is because weeds, like Dandelions, Clovers, and the like, are more fragrant to butterflies. In addition, butterflies lost desire on hybrid scentless flowers even if they are large in sizes and rich in colors.

  • Roses are not the only favorite item that belongs to Rosaceae.

Rosaceae is the family of Roses, and it includes your favorite fruits as well. Apples, peaches, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and other berries belong to the Rose family. Rosaceae is divided into 4 types: Amygdaloideae or stone fruits, Malodeae or apples and similar genus, Rosoideae or agrimony (berries), and Spiraeoideae.

  • Colors of flowers can be altered.

Depending on the alkaline level or acidity level of soil, you can change the color of Hydrangea blooms in your garden. If you want the white and pink blooms to be pinker, all you need to do is to put more alkaline into the soil. If you want the blue blooms to be bluer, you will need to add more acid to the soil. However, the change in color does not happen overnight. It takes a few days or weeks before the color changes.

More than a home improvement and yard beautification, gardening is such a wonderful and fun activity. Learning about these interesting facts makes home gardening more enjoyable. There are more surprises and secrets that you are about to find as you grow your own garden, enjoy the blooms, harvest your produce, and watch your plants and flowers interact with other living creatures essential to their growth.