Mold Removal and Cleanup Tips and Techniques

Are you facing mold problems? A major mold growth and infestation can ruin and damage your home. More than that, exposure to molds can also ruin your health. Almost every home gets affected by molds. If you are facing major mold problems, All Dry USA, an Illinois property restoration service, says you can try and follow some mold removal and cleanup tips and techniques like:

  • Deal with the cause of moisture.

Before you clean those molds away, deal with the cause of moisture first. Know where the moisture is coming from and determine the extent of the problem. The common causes of mold growth include mold spores, organic matter such as food, paper, dust, and starch, moisture from high temperature and humidity, and stagnant air.

  • Fix broken pipes and gutters that cause leaks.

As soon as possible, fix the problems of plumbing leaks and broken pipes, as well as damaged gutters and roofs. If you find it difficult to fix the problems, do not hesitate to hire an expert. Your home is probably the most expensive investment you can have. Prioritizing the essential repairs is a must to prevent molds from infesting the area and affecting your health.

  • Scrub molds from the surface with soap and water.

Soap and water are effective in cleaning and removing molds from the surface. Once you have fixed the problems and repaired the damaged parts that cause leaks and moisture, washing molds away with detergent soap and water will stop them from growing. The experts also recommend the use of chlorine and vinegar to disinfect the area and kill molds. When you choose to personally do the cleaning and scrubbing, the experts always recommend wearing gloves and face mask.

  • Remove and get rid of carpets and tiles totally infested with molds.

Ceiling tiles, carpets, soft wood, and fabrics are absorbent materials. Molds can easily fill the crevices and the empty spaces of the fabrics which make it difficult to remove them. It is best to get rid of the items completely when this happens to prevent the molds from infesting the entire area and cause severe or extreme effects to the whole space.

  • Dry the entire surfaces inside and out.

Drying the surface after washing it off with soap and water is required. There are options for drying such as air dry, fan blowing, and sunlight exposure. It may take a while before the entire area gets dry and free of moisture and molds.

  • Consult the expert.

If you are not sure about what to do to remove molds and clean up the areas, it is best to consult the expert. If you discover that molds are already in large portions, you should call and consult a mycologist to determine whether the molds are toxic and harmful or not. If you value your property and you don’t want molds, mildew, and fungi to ruin any part of the property, investing on its maintenance or on mold removal and cleanup is a wise move for a better and improved home. Always prioritize your family’s safety and security before you take action on mold removal.